Mangrove Syrup Pudding Creations contest at the Secretariat for women’

22 Nov 2015

Making the pudding resep puding coklat RACE selected from mangrove syrup, with the purpose to introduce new products syrup mangrove products for the city of Pekalongan.

The Secretary of the Union, women’s Darma Nur Saimah says, making the pudding ingredients selected from mangrove syrup because it wanted to introduce that in Pekalongan there is a mangrove in syrup products production by craftsmen who are in Degayu Subdistrict, Pekalongan Utara. Mangrove Fruits can be processed into food ingredients one mangrove syrup,” he said.

The expectation other than mother Darma women can create with pudding, a craftsmen mangrove syrup can market its products. “This is one way of disseminating the product syrups mangroves,” he added.

Winner of the race, representative of the Dindikpora Estu said, excess of pudding is a combination between the mangrove syrup ingredients with other materials. The difficulty in making syrup pudding mangrove at the time of blending of flavors to match and we did a trial run first before the race,” he said, while claiming to  resep kue lapis champion gets one proud

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