Pinch Cake, Cute Snacks Variety Of Flavors

25 Nov 2015

If you are a lover of culinary taste is not complete if not snacking on this one. Pinch cake  or resep kue cubit  name surely familiar culinary lovers ears. Because of this lively one hawker diperbincangan.


How not, besides its cute and it seems that now comes with a variety of mouth-watering flavor price is also quite affordable. resep seblak


Pinch cake this is a typical popular hawker capital of Jakarta which are small. And many found in outlets-outlets in small to large restaurants offering many types of creative.


Like Matcha Green Tea, presented by Cubite Trans Studio Makassar Mall. Pinch cake with green tea taste this, worth a recommendation for foodaholic who falls in love with green tea.


The owner of the Studio, Trans Cubite Makassar Mall, Toni Lucky says a typical cake served with a pinch of the level of maturity that is only three quarters.


“This level of maturity is indeed a favorite, very fit to be eaten in the State, so that its melumer green tea,” said Toni to, Thursday (5/11).


Not only is discharge of dough green tea, green tea kitkat pieces also makes this the perfect pinch cake. So it is very suitable for green tea lovers foodaholic.


In addition to green tea, red velvet cubitie, also gives a different flavor. It’s just that this red cake, perfectly ripe. But does not eliminate the ideals it tastes delicious. He feels increasingly Nuttela Extra favors, sebutnya. read more recipe is

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