Nasi Goreng, Menu Most Liked Champion in 2015

18 Dec 2015

Dining habits outside the home has become a lifestyle for some urban communities. No wonder that every year the restaurants and cafes in the capital continues to grow.

In fact, the Indonesian people spend around Rp421 trillion to eat out every year. The figure is predicted to continue to rise until the next five years, as the development of the culinary industry flourishing. According to a release from Qraved, culinary directory application in Indonesia, Tuesday, December 15, 2015.

So, what foods are the most sought-after urban  resep nasi goreng jawa  communities in Indonesia? Turns fried rice occupied the first position in the list of 10 foods most sought-after in Indonesia, throughout 2015 by application users Qraved. While the second was occupied by fried chicken.

Meatballs, pizza, and burgers, respectively in position three, four, and five. Then the sixth position achieved by traditional dishes from the State Sakura, sushi.

A dish typical of the archipelago can be fairly dominate the list with a hodgepodge who are seventh and eighth rendang. The ninth and tenth positions occupied kebab and ramen.

Based on the above sequence, it can be concluded that the Indonesian people still prefer local foods as an option when eating out. Emerging megnhadirkan food restaurant abroad resep soto ayam does not necessarily make people choose foreign food when people eat out.

This was evidenced by  the fact 52 percent of users still choose Qraved in Indonesia restaurants Indonesia as the top choice when eating outside the home.

While 20 percent of users chose a restaurant serving Chinese food and 12 percent of Japanese cuisine. While eight percent chose restaurants offering culinary Americans, seven percent of Italian cuisine and culinary-one percent of other culinary such as Korea, the Mediterranean and so on.

The data is obtained based on the number of reservations made in Indonesian restaurants. In addition to the above data, Qraved also collects data foods most frequently searched by categories cuisine.

In the category Western Cuisine, pizza was elected as the first order, followed by burgers, sandwiches, pasta and salad in the second to fifth.

Typical Japanese cuisine such as sushi, ramen and shabu-shabu dominate Asian culinary categories in the order of one, two and three. Then dim sum were fourth and last no Thai popular dishes, tom yum in the fifth.

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