Rendang Cooking Need Not now Old Time

18 Dec 2015

West Sumatra cook typical food like resep  rendang padang generally requires a long process so that the resulting meat is tender and marinade seep perfectly. Therefore, rendang menu usually present at special moments only.

But now for those who are fond of cooking this one no resep soto daging   longer need to rush. Because, now available rendang packaging products and a series of other home menu that allows consumers to enjoy quality cuisine menu.

Innovation in the Heat & Eat product is claimed to  meet the needs of the urban needs of the delights home in a way that is easy, fast and practical course, because the heated living alone.

“To bring home-cooked meals were delicious, the ingredients used in each menu Heat & Eat is without preservatives. The material is cooked hygienically and presented using modern technology. So the taste and purity of ingredients seasoning cooked maintained , “said Nicolas Durupt, General Manager Marketing Heat & Eat, on Sunday (12.13.15).

Besides rendang, there is another archipelago menu presented by Heat & Eat, among other Balado chicken, meat stews Betawi, woku chicken and chicken red rica typical Manado, tongseng and curry goat of Javanese, Balinese grilled chicken and some other home menu. Products Heat & Eat is also available at various supermarkets.

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