5 types of these foods Could Clean Teeth Naturally

26 Dec 2015

Brushing your teeth is indeed an obligationhttp://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/07/resep-es-teler.html  but because certain preoccupations eventually often makes us do not have time to brush our teeth. So what is the solution? Quiet, here the author has the solution, i.e. by consuming certain types of food that can clean the teeth naturally.

Then what the heck kind of food is it? Well if you’re  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/07/resep-es-pisang-ijo.html curious then can follow the existing important points below. because this type of food can replace toothpaste to clean your teeth with natural.
What The Hell Kind Of Foods That Can Naturally Teeth Cleaning It?


One of the types of foods that can clean the teeth is to consume fruits apples, apples turned out to help you in your refreshing mouth because it could improve salivation. Therefore, do not forget to consume this fruit ya PAL.

Carrot Juice

Carrots also turned out to be cleaning the teeth quickly and easily, but to take it then it should be used as drinks or juice, making it nice and fresh too.

White Water

White water could help you in refreshing mouth, expand lah consume water so that the body remains fit and also spared from dehiderasi. In the now, try to consume 2 liters of water, or the equivalent of 8 glasses.


You can consume it while eating the celery, celery also turns out could help you in your mouth at once refreshingly clean teeth with natural. You can make this as lalab celery or so mix in vegetables.

Consume Milk

Milk can also be other ways to maintain the freshness of your mouth, you could consume him after a meal or any time of the night. How, not hard not to keep the freshness of the mouth and teeth?

5 types of food you can choose above one way in freshening the mouth and breath, so also without brushing your teeth any time our mouths remains fresh.

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