Food Blessing Bottlenecks on the motorway

26 Dec 2015

Bottleneck the flow of vehicles from the direction of Jakarta towards Palimanan stone-Cirebon in toll gates Cikopo-Palimanan stone, Cipali, Purwakarta, West Java, that already happened two days bring blessings to the traders of food and soft drinks are available at that location. Their income increased by even one hundred percent on average from the day normally.

At the edge of the toll road to the left, dozens of stalls lined the upper part covered with tarps. Stalls selling food and soft drinks if the flow of traffic at the Cipali toll gate jammed, crowded by the buyer. Usually after a tired of waiting line, they stopped in addition rest also to buy refreshments, such as coffee and mineral water.

As congestion that occurs two days. When the flow of traffic at that location and bogged down by vehicles from the direction towards Jakarta, Cirebon Palimanan stone. Stalls average seller the locals is always crowded.

Taufik, one of the traders is grateful because of congestion at this location carries a blessing for them. Its revenue rose a hundred thousand per day or one hundred percent from the day normally.

In the meantime, the presence of the stalls on the edge of the front Cipali toll road, Cikopo toll gate, according to a rider, Daniel, the rider is very helpful, because the rest area or resting place it lies too far away.

While the impromptu stalls on the edge of Cipali about toll roads toll gate this Cikopo totaling more than 20 stalls. The actual existence of the stalls is forbidden by the Tol Cipali. However, citizens are still forced by reason of seeking good fortune for the cost of daily living.

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