Six Food Solutions Resolve The Constipation

26 Dec 2015

Constipation or frequent constipation becomes a problem that is very disturbing us in our activities. Constipation is usually characterized by flatulence, pain when  you try to remove the stool is very disturbing to us. Many ways in which ordinary people use to deal with the problem of constipation. Here is a solution of food that can be eaten in order to overcome the problem of constipation.

1. Oatmeal
A grain of wheat contain soluble fiber that is  able to help overcome digestive problems. In addition grain contained in the oatmeal is very good for heart health. Many of the ingredients in processed foods that you can make from this oatmeal so that you don’t get bored.

2. White water
Cannot be denied, the white water does indeed contain many benefits to our health. Not only saves us from dehydration, water also helps create a bowel movement more regularly. In addition white water can also be a means of solvent or pelancar foods that have been processed in the digestive tract.

3. fiber-rich Cereal
There is nothing wrong with eating a fiber-rich cereal. It’s just that, you have to make sure that you select contains cereals 5gr of fiber per serving and fiber.

4. Strawberries
Strawberries are rich in fiber which is good for smooth digestive system. Maybe some people are a bit of a hard time finding this fruit or even don’t like it, but you can replace it with a ripe banana. A ripe banana contains high soluble fiber.

5. Broccoli
Green vegetables this one indeed is very seldom favored. When broccoli contains 5, 1gr soluble fiber per cangkirnya. So, the vegetables that had be busting your appetite and you avoid actually contain high fiber is good for the digestion and constipation.

6. Yogurt
In addition to the foods above, you can also consume yogurt to overcome constipation. lactobacillus bacteria in yogurt can help launch you digestion.
Constipation seems not to be a problem again

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