The Glut Of Food That Does Not Make Fat

26 Dec 2015

The following list of foods proven to the glut, even has a low amount of calories:

1. Figs

This fruit has a density and every 37 calories figs contain one gram of fiber. so can slow release of sugar into the blood and prevent an increase in blood sugar due to eat cake.

Figs will be felt more when the glut of added protein such as a teaspoon of cheese and walnuts.

2. Popcorn

These foods have a low energy density because it contains only 90 calories. The popcorn tasted more rich if sprinkled with Cayenne. A recent study from Purdue University revealed that people who add a half teaspoon of spices into his food will tend to feel not so hungry.

3. Potatoes

Potatoes are very good for making a full belly and a source of vitamins, fiber and other nutrients. Compared with other foods such as wholemeal bread and brown rice. According to research, people feel full longer after eating boiled potatoes. This potato has only 77 per 100 g.

Tip: eat a boiled or roasted potatoes, but don’t eat fries, and don’t forget to cook it along the skin so that the full, longer.

4. Watermelon

Most food glut but also contains a number of calories (30 per 100 g) lowest fruit is watermelon. Fruit that is always inviting and invigorating taste is full of water and fiber will make you feel full for a long time.

In addition, watermelon is also loaded with vitamin C, eat a few pieces of watermelon when hunger comes and you will soon feel full afterwards.

Tip: eat a piece the size of a watermelon cubes 2 cups, this will provide half of the body’s vitamin C needs you.

5. Egg

Eggs are not only rich, but also rich in nutrients, protein and 9 amino acids that are essential for the body. Eat eggs every breakfast (including consuming the most nutrient rich yellow) is ideal. Consumption of eggs is more mengengenyangkan than the bread and was able to give a low caloric intake for more than 36 hours. This egg has only 155 per 100 g.

Tip: Sprinkle salt, pepper and paprika on the slices of egg at breakfast so that it feels more glut. unique Tickle

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