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    Food Blessing Bottlenecks on the motorway

    Bottleneck the flow of vehicles from the direction of Jakarta towards Palimanan stone-Cirebon in toll gates Cikopo-Palimanan stone, Cipali, Purwakarta, West Java,  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-ikan-asam-manis-enak-banget.html that already happened two days bring blessings to the traders of food and soft drinks are available at that location. Their income increased by even one hundred percent on average from the day normally. At the edge of the toll road to the left, dozens  http://kokimganteng.blogspot.com/2015/06/resep-lontong-sayur-enak-banget.html of stalls lined the upper part covered with tarps. Stalls selling food and soft drinks if the flow of traffic at the Cipali toll gate jammed, crowded by the buyer. Usually after a tired of waiting line, they st


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