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    Nasi Goreng, Menu Most Liked Champion in 2015

    Dining habits outside the home has become a lifestyle for some urban communities. No wonder that every year the restaurants and cafes in the capital continues to grow. In fact, the Indonesian people spend around Rp421 trillion to eat out every year. The figure is predicted to continue to rise until the next five years, as the development of the culinary industry flourishing. According to a release from Qraved, culinary directory application in Indonesia, Tuesday, December 15, 2015. So, what foods are the most sought-after urban  resep nasi goreng jawa  communities in Indonesia? Turns fried rice occupied the first position in the list of 10 foods most sought-after in Indonesia, throughout 2015 by application users Qraved. While the second was occupied by fried chicken. Meatba


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